Peace and Tranquility the Mosque New CMS theme

  • Iqbal
  • 29 Feb 2012

Hull jame masjide Web site age is now more than 2 years. On the 2nd year anniversary of the launch of the site I have decided the web site need a new looks. The old theme is becoming incompatible with the CMS platform. WordPress CMS has evolved so much in last two year. There is lots of new feature available that my old theme cannot accommodate them.
The new CMS theme “Peace and Tranquility” is a very advance theme. The feature includes: custom menu, custom post, widgets, Custom admin panel where theme can be configure to display layouts and color scheme as well as other components.
Search engine optimization feature were hardcoded into the theme. So there is no need for third-party plug-in.
Working as a web designer I know the performance of the website is very important from seo prospective as well as user standpoint.
High performance Website theme was designed using advance web design technique, such as use of sprite in design,
Web site performed amazingly well, Google page speed 90/100. Check website speed your self

Special attention was given to page component which was optimized thus to load faster. Pingdom test shows its take only 2.07s to load the Hull Jame Masjide website. Check it yourself!/lTWfobUw9/
By writing a .htaccess file I compressed the web Server data stream to gzip format, also browser cache is enabled so that when a visitor visit Second time or second page. Pages loads within 1 second.

Theme was further modernized using web 2.0 technology. Please use the web 2.0 social media to share the site with your friend. User interactivity is added to give further dimension to the website.

If you have any question please contact me.

Please leave a comment how the web site can be further improved.