A Brief Introduction

The Jame Masjid and Madrasah Darul Marif Al Islamia was established in 1987 by members of the local Muslim community, primarily to provide Islamic and mother tongue / cultural education for the children, many of whom were of Bangladeshi origin

A run-down terraced property was purchased and renovated to establish the organisation originally known as Madrasah Darul Marif Al Islamia. A religious minister was appointed to lead Islamic and mother-tongue language classes for children. Parents offered congregation prayers as well. As more children joined the classes, it was realised that we would have to move to a larger building to cater for the growing community.

God is the provider and by His grace we managed to sell the small property and move to our current premises in 1990 to provide better facilities for the Muslim community. This building was in need of major refurbishment and a lot of the work was done by the community. The new place was large enough to establish 5 times daily congregation prayers. To reflect the broader range services now provided, the name of the organisation was changed to Jame Masjid & Madrasah Darul Marif Al Islamia (Jame Masjid & Madrasah for short)